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*see-saw /ˈsiːsɔː/

Design is a balance between

Form & Function

Never one or the other

It takes two


SiSo Design is formatted by Fotini and Nikos. Two different people with many years of experience who decided to combine their passion and love for design in order to create something that will be the ultimate cooperation of their diversity.

Pursuing this harmony, a game is automatically created between them. A game aimed at finding the balance between two extremes: the sense of artistic freedom, and the construction limits of each project.

Within the realm of SiSo Design, balance reigns supreme. Much like the seesaw of a child’s playground, their creative process hinges on a finely tuned equilibrium. The seesaw isn’t just a plaything for youngsters; it serves as a symbol of the semiotic practices they employ to craft a world of balance and harmony in their relationships with the world.


SiSo Designs goal is to create unique projects with a distinct identity that enhance our clients’ spaces and daily lives.

We aspire to synthesize beauty and excellence in projects infused with contemporary design trends, exuding distinct personal character and vibrancy.

Our commitment to sustainability, user-friendliness, and seamless integration in design is at our core. These values guide our process, ensuring our creations captivate aesthetically and function harmoniously within their surroundings.

Who we are