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Janet Craig

The interior design of Janet Craig in Maroussi, spanning 120 square meters, reflects a thoughtful blend of central European style with distinct ethnic elements. The venture by Dionysis and Eleni aimed to inject life into a somewhat stagnant market in Maroussi, creating a unique space that caters to various needs – from a casual coffee spot to a work-friendly environment. The inspiration for the name, Janet Craig, was drawn from a plant at the owner’s home that fascinated their one-year-old daughter. This plant, a type of dragon found in Africa (specifically Sudan to Zimbabwe), set the tone for the interior design. The blend of African decorations and motifs brought a touch of the continent’s nature into the space.

A key feature retained from the previous establishment was the mosaic floor, a nod to mid-century Greek residential architecture. This nostalgic element adds character to the overall design. The interior design features two large conference tables, serving to both large groups and collaborative work settings. The bare roof contributes to an urban aesthetic, creating a contrast with the ample greenery and planting throughout the space. The strategic placement of perimeter openings shapes the lines between the indoors and outdoors, transforming the cafe into a seamless inside-out meeting area.

Siso Inspiration 

Notably, our team went beyond mere aesthetics by personalizing the Janet Craig plant with a female entity, as reflected in the slogans and a mural prominently displayed in the cafe. The mural, thoughtfully composed and expertly transferred to the wall by Vanboik, becomes a visual centerpiece that ties together the theme of the African-inspired nature and the central European
style with ethnic accents.

In summary, Janet Craig is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a carefully crafted space that marries diverse influences, creating a welcoming and versatile environment for patrons, whether they seek a place to relax with a cup of coffee, collaborate on work, or appreciate the fusion of cultures in the interior design. The project not only fills a gap in the local market but also brings a fresh and vibrant energy to Maroussi.


Janet Craig


Marousi, Athens


120 m²


ISS Constructions, Kallidomo, Anna-Maria Morfoniou,




Spyros Bakalis