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‘Morning Sweetie

‘Morning Sweetie is a cozy breakfast spot in the area of Kypseli. It was carefully designed to capture the essence of a Berlin-style, minimalist breakfast spot. Trying picturing the feeling of walking into one of those cool Berlin hangouts, where the charm is as good as the coffee. The heart of the café is all about offering top-notch, homemade breakfast at any hour, featuring delectable tarts, pastries, and sandwiches. Our branding strategy seamlessly weaves into this concept, showcasing creativity inspired by the personal touch of crafting a snack for someone special. The handwritten font in our branding emphasizes this personal connection, reminiscent of a note attached to a homemade treat, delivering the sweet message of ‘morning sweetie. The interior design follows a minimalist approach, creating a clean and uncluttered space that emphasizes simplicity and functionality. Drawing inspiration from Berlin's cafe culture, the design exudes a contemporary and cosmopolitan vibe.

Siso Inspiration

Architectural details at ‘morning Sweetie feature cornices and lattice ceilings adorned with windows, complemented by strategically placed plantings that recreate the atmosphere of an outdoor space. This clever integration of greenery not only introduces a natural element to the interior but also affords patrons the pleasure of an al fresco dining sensation, elevating the overall dining experience. A distinctive feature of the cafe is the use of yellow square tiles, reminiscent of a post-it note, drawing a playful connection to the ‘”morning sweetie”  concept. This choice not only adds a pop of colour to the space but also pays homage to the iconic Vogue company, adding a subtle touch of sophistication. In line with the welcoming atmosphere, ‘Morning Sweetie is pet-friendly, encouraging customers to enjoy their meals in the company of their furry friends. This vibe of togetherness just makes the place feel even more cozy and community-driven. ‘Morning Sweetie in Kypseli seamlessly blends a minimalistic design inspired by Berlin’s cafe culture with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The thoughtful incorporation of branding elements, such as the handwritten font and post-it-inspired yellow tiles, adds a personal touch to the overall aesthetic. The combination of high-quality homemade breakfast offerings and pet-friendly accommodations positions the cafe as a unique and inviting space for all-day dining.


Morning Sweetie


Kipseli, Athens


110 m²


Lucas Zorzos


Spyros Bakalis