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Papagou Residence

This apartment showcases modern interior design. This 150 sqm apartment in Papagos has undergone a total transformation to reflect the customer’s vision. The result is a place that combines modern luxury with a simple, contemporary style. As you step inside, you’ll find a bright and welcoming space where everything is carefully designed to make you feel relaxed. With a breathtaking 4-sided pendant fireplace standing in the middle, the apartment provides the idea of a warm gathering spot. In every room, you will find custom-designed furniture that perfectly blend with the contemporary aesthetic of the apartment. The closet at the entrance, apart from its storage use, hides an additional storage space behind it. The kitchen is both functional and stylish, providing the perfect canvas for culinary pleasure. The bathrooms are decorated with rose gold fixtures and sleek details, radiating an air of sophistication.


Siso Inspiration

One of the standout features of this apartment is the bedroom, where the customer’s desire for a room with an ensuite bathroom and dressing room has been elegantly accomplished. The double- sided wardrobes offer ample storage while maintaining the apartment’s clean lines. Throughout the space, the use of white and neutral colours creates an open and spacious atmosphere. The furniture and decor are carefully chosen to combine luxury and comfort in a casual yet glamorous style. Rose gold accents and Philippe Starck  furniture bring a touch of modern opulence, while the neutral colours maintain a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. This apartment provides a modern, peaceful retreat that balances contemporary living with style and comfort. Every detail contributes to an atmosphere of effortless sophistication and relaxation.


Papagou, Athens


Spyros Bakalis




ISS Construction