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AppArt Working Spaces

The App Art offices in Agia Paraskevi underwent a complete transformation, resulting in a vibrant workspace spanning 140 square meters. This innovative space, housing 17 workstations, is dedicated to software development, mobile applications, and custom software applications.

The design goal was to cultivate a fresher and happier workplace, prioritizing a relaxed ambiance that feels contemporary and inviting. This approach aims to foster a positive and dynamic atmosphere for the software development team.

Vibrant and bold colors are strategically employed throughout the office space to inject energy and enthusiasm, with “pop” elements adding a playful touch that matches App Art’s innovative work.

The layout emphasizes open space offices to encourage collaboration and communication among team members, promoting a sense of unity and shared purpose among the workforce.

Inspirational quotes are incorporated into the design, serving as daily reminders of the company’s mission and motivating the team. These strategically placed quotes contribute to a positive and uplifting work environment.

Integrating plants into the workspace brings a natural and refreshing element, enhancing air quality and providing a visually appealing connection to nature.

Dedicated corners for more relaxed meeting rooms were created, offering comfortable and informal settings for discussions and brainstorming sessions. This design approach supports a flexible and collaborative work culture.

Last but not least, the desks were sourced from ‘Dekko Interiors’ known for their modern and functional designs, providing a sleek and ergonomic workspace. Tailor-made bookcases add a personalized and unique touch to the overall interior design.


AppArt S.A.


Agia Paraskeui, Athens


140 m²


DEKKO Interiors, Proothisi


Spyros Bakalis