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Apartment in Agia Paraskevi

Harmonizing Comfort and Functionality: Agia Paraskevi Apartment Renovation


Siso Design latest project, a charming renovation of an apartment in Agia Paraskevi, flawlessly blending the living, dining, and bedroom spaces into a harmonious space. The client’s unique lifestyle and love for his two cat companions, Gatoshi and Gatoli, inspired a design that not only serves to his needs but creates an inviting atmosphere for all.

The client, used to spend extensive hours in his office and prefered dining in that space, sought a transformation that would pull him to spend more time outside his workspace. The presence of his two beloved cats became a crucial point, prompting us to consider their needs in crafting an environment that stimulates their curiosity.

Key Design Elements:

Tailor-Made Bookcase with Cat-Friendly Features:

Custom-designed bookcase with strategically placed holes in the shelves, serving as playful hideouts for the cats Gatoshi and Gatoli. The bookcase not only offers to the cats but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the living-dining room-bedroom space.

Fireplace Facelift:

Undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis, the fireplace becomes a captivating focal point in the living area. Carefully integrated cat-friendly elements ensure the safety and enjoyment of Gatoshi and Gatoli, seamlessly blending functionality with style.

Dining Room Furniture and Hallway Dividers:

Imbued with sophistication, the dining room furniture is meticulously designed to reflect the client’s discerning taste while effortlessly merging with the hallway dividers. These thoughtfully crafted partitions maintain an organized flow, enhancing the inviting ambiance throughout the space.

Entertainment Upgrade:

The TV was replaced with a sleek projector setup, improving the entertainment experience. Integration of Phillips RGB lights and smart home technology for dynamic lighting control, creating tailored atmospheres for every occasion.

Bathroom Bliss:

Cat-friendly hiding places cleverly incorporated into the bathroom furniture.

The design extends the established theme, ensuring a holistic and unified environment throughout the home.

Cryptocurrency-Inspired Office:

Catering to the client’s professional pursuits, a dedicated office space inspired by cryptocurrency activities and webinar needs is meticulously crafted. Here, cat-friendly elements seamlessly integrate into the design, transforming the workspace into a comfortable sanctuary for work and leisure.

Balcony Oasis:

Elevating outdoor living, the balcony undergoes a tranquil transformation into a serene retreat. Thoughtful consideration for cat-friendly features ensures that this outdoor haven remains a source of joy and relaxation for both the client and his cherished companions.

In summary, this renovation project in Agia Paraskevi underscores our dedication to tailoring living spaces to match individual lifestyles and preferences. This project exemplifies a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics, where every aspect is carefully considered and curated. The result is a captivating sanctuary where both humans and pets can flourish in harmony, reflecting our commitment to creating spaces that truly feel like home.


Agia Paraskeui, Athens


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