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Firalia Rock Suites

The transformation of a traditional island house of 1890 built into the rock has turned meticulously into a contemporary hotel concept where the historical elements of Santorini Island become the canvas for guests to create unique memories.

As a typical Santorini’s house, Firalia is built around an interior garden or paved courtyard that used to function as a connecting open space for all units balancing between the rooms’ privacy and the house’s meeting point. 

Consisted of 6 charming suites, the traditional inner courtyard (alitana in the local dialect) and a romantic rooftop terrace, perfect to admire the beautiful sunset.

Guests have their first encounter with history, as soon as they pass the threshold and walk into the Alitana (the main inner courtyard), the point of reference for socializing

Siso Inspiration

Our goal was to harmoniously merge modern and traditional architecture, finding common ground between the two. The dark colour in furniture and shutters were adopted as a reference to the volcanic stone of Santorini.

With precise attention to detail and a focus on material choices, we have reimagined both the internal and external spaces creating a harmonious contrast between the pure white of the traditional Cycladic houses and the contemporary style of furniture.


Fira, Santorini


Ventouris Giorgos