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Maisonette in Psychiko

Step into the world of cultural fusion and refined aesthetics as we unveil our latest project: the partial renovation of a maisonette in Psychiko. Commissioned by a discerning middle-aged couple seeking to enhance their living space, our project unfolded with a unique blend of vision and craftsmanship.

Responding to the couple’s desire for an additional room, we transformed the lower floor from a simple study area into a warm and inviting bedroom. Simultaneously, we addressed their frustration with the living room’s functionality, crafting a versatile and welcoming space designed for gatherings, board games, and card sessions.

Our design concept seamlessly married vintage boho decor, East India-Japan elements, and minimal Scandinavian aesthetics, resulting in a distinctive Japandi character. The integration of a low-height dining table, symbolizing Eastern cultures, took center stage, complemented by the introduction of a wooden oak partition with glass—a delicate screen defining the downstairs room.

Our focus on minimalist, lightweight, and wooden constructions, exclusively tailored by Aleuras, embraced their vision seamlessly. Completing the narrative, paintings by their family friend, Vassilis Skylakos, adorned the walls, infusing the space with a personalized touch.

Delve into our portfolio to witness the embodiment of cultural fusion and bespoke craftsmanship, where each element tells a story of harmonized styles and meticulous attention to detail.


Psychico, Athens


Spyros Bakalis


Alevras furnitures