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Sorry Mom Taproom

The interior design of “Sorry Mom” beer and café embraces a grunge-industrial aesthetic, transforming a former liquor store and beer wholesaler into a trendy destination for craft beer enthusiasts and coffee lovers. The design seamlessly merges the worlds of beer and coffee, with a strong emphasis on raw and rustic elements.

The interior design concept aims to create a unique and vibrant space where clients can enjoy craft beers, coffee, and cocktails while immersing themselves in the eclectic and gritty charm of the urban environment. It’s a place where people can come together, enjoy quality beverages, and experience a true taste of urban life.


Siso  Insipiration:

Grunge-Industrial Aesthetic: The interior releases a grunge-industrial vibe with hardened textures and unfinished surfaces, celebrating the raw beauty of urban environments.

Old Brick Wall with Posters: One entire wall is exposed brick, reminiscent of an alley in a big city, decorated with vintage posters and graffiti art, giving the space an edgy and retro feel.

Metallic Elements: The bar area features a prominent metal mesh facade, adding an industrial touch to the space. Metal accents, exposed ductwork, and steel-framed windows further enhance the industrial ambiance.

Ceiling Ventilation: Exposed ductwork and ventilation systems on the ceiling add an authentic warehouse feel. Vintage-style pendant lights hang down sporadically, illuminating the space.

Container-Inspired Decor: Throughout the café, elements of uneven metal panels and container-style seating areas, reinforce the warehouse and garage theme.

Low Picnic Tables and Leather Stools: Seating is a mix of low picnic-style tables paired with leather-upholstered stools, promoting a casual and communal dining experience.

Grandstand Outdoor Seating: To enhance the town square concept and encourage interaction between “Sorry Mom” and the neighbouring cocktail bar, plans include creating a grandstand-style outdoor seating area where patrons from both establishments can mix.

Draft Beer Wall: The centrepiece of the café is a massive draft beer wall with 14 taps featuring a rotating selection of both international and local craft beers, from big names like BREWDOG to niche, small-batch breweries.


Agia Paraskeui, Athens


Spyros Bakalis