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True Food Company

The interior design of “True food co.” is a carefully curated space that intricately forms   the brand’s philosophy into its physical environment. The central theme revolves around the brand’s commitment to authenticity, purity, and the use of real, raw materials. Here’s a detailed description of the various elements that contribute to the overall ambiance.

Siso Inspiration

Branding Elements: Roots, Veggies, Berries: The essence of the brand is communicated through the incorporation of symbolic elements like roots, veggies, and berries, which characterise the dishes served. These elements are integrated into the decor.

Mural with a Message: A mural that proudly declares, “True happiness is homemade,” serves as a focal point, encapsulating the core philosophy of the brand. This message becomes the guiding principle for the entire design, emphasising the idea that genuine joy comes from real, homemade food. The attribute mural in the exterior wall of the building  “The little girl with lemons”, by Melina Koan

Fast, Healthy Food Concept: The space is tailored to facilitate the concept of fast, healthy food available throughout the day. The design likely ensures efficiency in service while maintaining a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Clean and Simple Geometric Lines: The use of clean, simple geometric lines contributes to a modern and uncluttered aesthetic. This design choice reflects the brand’s commitment to simplicity and transparency.

Hemp Element in Glass and Tiles: The incorporation of hemp elements in both glass and tiles adds a natural and sustainable touch to the interior. This not only aligns with the brand’s commitment to purity but also contributes to a cohesive and harmonious design.

Imposing Metal Bookcase for Retail: The metal bookcase in the retail area which not only serves as a functional space for products but also makes a bold design statement. Its size is carefully considered to accentuate and harmonise with the overall height of the store.

Height Emphasis with Openings: The deliberate choice of a larger-than-usual height is highlighted by strategically placed openings, including windows and a door. The door, when opened, serves as an inviting gateway, offering a visual transition from the outside to the high-ceilinged interior.

Glass Panes for Transparency: Glass panes are strategically used to enhance transparency, testifying to the continuity of space. This design element allows customers to see the loft area and connects it seamlessly with the rest of the store.

Open Kitchen Visible from the Street: The open kitchen, visible from the street, adds an element of transparency, showcasing the food preparation process. This feature aligns with the brand’s commitment to providing customers with a firsthand view of the quality and freshness of their offerings.

Outside-Inside Relationship with Faux Tropical Garden: The outside-inside relationship is reinforced by a fake tropical garden above the fridge. This element not only adds a touch of nature but also contributes to the overall sense of freshness, creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

In summary, the interior design of “True Food Co” is a thoughtful blend of aesthetics and functionality, skillfully incorporating branding elements to create a space that embodies the brand’s values and invites customers to experience the true essence of homemade happiness.



Chalandri Athens


Spyros Bakalis




Tatsis Kataskevastiki O.E.

Graphic Designer

Anna Maria Morfoniou


Epiplokyriazis - Chrisanthos Kyriazis


Melina Koan